Common mistakes

Here we will teach you to solve some common mistakes of Filo.

Something went wrong while trying to execute that action.

This is a common and very simple error to solve, because all you have to do is grant Filo the EMBED_LINKS and USE_EXTERNAL_EMOJIS permissions (It is a mandatory requirement). This would be the solution to this error that limits all functions of Filo.

The role of Filo should be the first in the list of roles of the server for proper operation.

The module 'module name' is deactivated.

This error is very frequent in modules that are not activated. If you want to activate a module, consult this section of the documentation.

A Filo module does not work (Still activated).

This error is usually due to the lack of certain permissions or a bad configuration, that is, the data entered will not be correct. To solve this problem, review the following:

  • If it is a module that depends on a text channel, make sure that the text channel entered exists, if the problem persists check that Filo has permissions to send messages.

  • If the module depends on a message, be sure to check the variables you wrote (Or you can contact us to help solve the problem if this is the fault).