Change the prefix

Don't you like Filo's default prefix? No problem! You can change it whenever and whenever you want.

Steps to change the prefix

You must replace the prefix f! by the prefix that you have assigned on the server.

Step 1: Know what the prefix Filo has.

This step is essential because if you do not know the prefix of Filo you will not be able to execute the commands. You can know what its prefix is if you @mention it, it's that easy!

The default prefix of Filo is f!.

Step 2: Change the prefix.

Finally, you must be creative and think of a good simple and easy to remember prefix for the members of the server. Use f!config set prefix PREFIX to set a new prefix.

You must replace PREFIX with the prefix you want to set for Filo.

Filo does not support prefixes greater than 2 characters.