Level System

Do you want to customize some behavior of the Filo level system? Let's do it together!

Steps to activate the notification system of the level system

You must replace the prefix f! by the prefix that you have assigned on the server.

It is recommended that Filo have ADMINISTRATOR permission so that he can grant all experience points (and can be notified correctly).

Filo requires the permissions SEND_MESSAGES, EMBED_LINKS, USE_EXTERNAL_EMOJIS for the system to function properly.

Step 1: Activate the notification system of the level system.

This step is essential because if you do not activate the notification system of the level system, absolutely nothing will be notified. To activate it, use f!config set levelUPEnabled true .

Step 2: Select the level system notification method.

In this step you can decide if you want the classic level-up message to be notified via an image + or if you prefer only the classic level-up message. In case you want to alter this you should use f!config set levelUPImage <true/false> (depending on what you want).

In the case that you decide to be notified by image other than by message you must grant Filo permission ATTACH_FILES, otherwise it will not be notified in either way.