Invites Filter

Tired of users spamming their servers? It's time to keep them at bay!

Steps to activate the invite filter

You must replace the prefix f! by the prefix that you have assigned on the server.

It is recommended that Filo have ADMINISTRATOR permission for the system to function properly.

Filo requires the permissions SEND_MESSAGES, EMBED_LINKS, USE_EXTERNAL_EMOJIS, MANAGE_MESSAGES for the system to function properly.

This module will not penalize those people who have the ADMINISTRATOR, MANAGE_GUILD, BAN_MEMBERS, KICK_MEMBERS, MANAGE_MESSAGES, EMBED_LINKS permission.

Step 1: Activate the invitation filter module.

This step is essential since if you do not activate the invitation filtering system, nothing will be filtered or eliminated. To activate it use f!config set invitesFilterEnabled true .

Step 2: Set exceptions in the invitation filter.

This step is totally optional, since you can choose not to set any exceptions for the invitation filter (recommended). If you want a certain server to be able to send an invitation, you must use the command f!config set invitesAllowed <Server ID> (Multiple servers are allowed if they are separated by spaces Ex: f!config set invitesAllowed <ID ID_2 ID_3> ).

This module will automatically delete all messages that contain an invitation in them. This invitation will also be registered if you have the registration module activated, more information on how to activate it here .

This module is compatible with an auto moderation system based on warnings that could give your server fresh air. More information here.