Welcome role

Do you want the new members of the server to be assigned a certain role? Filo will do it for you!

Steps to activate the welcome role module

You must replace the prefix f! by the prefix that you have assigned on the server.

Filo must have the MANAGE_ROLES permission, otherwise the welcome role module will not work.

The role of Filo must be above the role that you want to be granted to the new members of the server, otherwise the module of the welcome role will not work.

Step 1: Have the welcome module active.

The welcome role module may not work if the welcome module is not activated. Here is a link to the welcome module guide.

Step 2: Establish the welcome role.

This is the last step and the most fundamental of all, you must establish the role you want to be assigned to the new members of the server (this does not apply to current members). Use f!config set welcomeRole <@Role Name/123456789012345678> (You can set the role by mentioning it or you can choose to write its ID).