Do you want Filo to greet the new members of the server? It is a way to make a good impression!

Steps to activate the welcome module

You must replace the prefix f! by the prefix that you have assigned on the server.

Filo must have the permissions SEND_MESSAGES, EMBED_LINKS and USE_EXTERNAL_EMOJIS or else the welcome module will not work.

Step 1: Activate the welcome module.

This step is essential for the welcome to work properly. Use f!config set welcomeEnabled true to activate this module.

Step 2: Establish the welcome channel.

You must be cautious with this step since if many people enter the server daily it could become annoying for the rest of the members of the server if you put it in a general text channel. Use f!config set welcomeChannel <#channel-name/123456789012345678> (You can set the channel by mentioning it or you can choose to type the channel ID).

Step 3: Establish a welcome message.

This is the most creative step of all since you have to let your imagination go to its maximum degree, so we have created some variables so that the welcome message is very Kawaii, do not you know what these variables are? Do not worry! We have listed them for you and you can check them on the page below. Use f!config set welcomeMessage MESSAGE to set a message.