Support / Ticket System

Do you want to offer personalized and private support to the members of the server? This module is designed for that!

Steps to activate the support module

You must replace the prefix f! by the prefix that you have assigned on the server.

Filo must have the MANAGE_CHANNELS, MANAGE_ROLES, VIEW_CHANNEL, SEND_MESSAGES, EMBED_LINKS and USE_EXTERNAL_EMOJIS permissions or else the support module will not work.

Step 1: Activate the support module.

To start you must activate the support module using f!config set supportEnabled true.

Step 2: Establish the support role.

Next you must specify the support role that you want to have permissions to see the tickets (Apart from people who have the ADMINISTRATOR permission). To do this, use f!config set supportRole <@Role Name/123456789012345678> (You can set the role by mentioning it or you can choose to write its ID).