Do you want Filo to logging some important server data? Do not worry! You have come to the right guide.

Steps to activate the logging module

You must replace the prefix f! by the prefix that you have assigned on the server.

It is recommended that Filo have the ADMINISTRATOR permission for all logging to work.

Step 1: Activate the logging module.

This step is essential since if you do not activate the logging module, absolutely nothing will be registered. To activate it, use f!config set logEnabled true.

Step 2: Create and set the WebHook of logging.

This is the last step and one of the most important because if a WebHook is not created and established correctly, the system will not work. To create and set the WebHook of Filo logging you just have to use the f!config createLogWebHook command and in this way Filo will create and set the WebHook as a WebHook of logging.

Filo must have MANAGE_WEBHOOKS permissions or else the WebHook will not be created and established.