Don't you know how Fun commands work? Don't you know the permissions that are required? Do not worry! You are in the right guide.

You must replace the prefix f! by the prefix that you have assigned on the server.


Command Description.

The chucknorris command will send random memes of the mythical character Chuck Norris.

Command Description.

This command has some aliases, which are: "chucknorris", "norris", "chuck", "cn".


Command Description.

The drake command will send the classic Drake meme.


Command Description.

The meme command will send current memes (not regulated by us).


Command Description.

The owoify command will allow you to owoify your text.

Command Alias.

This command has some aliases, which are: "owoify", "owoifyconvert".

Command usage.

The correct use of the command is f!owoify <Text>. You must replace the personal aspects of the command, also the prefix that is assigned on the server.